We love helping people do what they love.

We started mac help from the passion to help people with their Apple products. We gained our experience by working in an Apple store. We have seen a wide range of questions passing by. We do not shy away from difficult questions. We also like to explain what we do and why. This way we help you better understand your Mac or iPhone.

Fanatics with a sense of technology, not afraid of a conversation.

We are motivated and eager to help you use your Mac in a more productive way. The whole team is ready for you.

"We are fanatics with a sense of technology, not afraid of a conversation."

Sander de Waal

Mac hulp and inventor at Mac hulp Amsterdam

Help by people, not by helpdesk.

Mac hulp consists of real people, not from some helpdesk employees. You can immediately tell your story and we are there for you. We have experience in listening and thinking.

Mac hulp everywhere.

It does not matter where you live because we just come to you. For small questions we help remotely. If you don't want this or if it is not possible we will come by.

On the bike or by telephone.

Whether it is by telephone or at home. We offer a helping hand to solve your problems and answer your questions. Just say a custom solution.