Mac help helps you at home and in the office.

Independent Apple help without waiting.

Mac help for Apple MacBook, iMac, iPad or iPhone question or problem? We are here to help you solve all Apple-related problems. We visit you at home. In the city center without travel-costs.


Help with iCloud

Synchronize contacts, calendars and documents via the cloud.

Email advice

Finally cleaned up mailboxes. Mail synchronously on all devices.

Remove malware

Advice for protection against hackers, viruses and attacks from outside.

Photo library problems

Solve photos and iPhoto library problems. Work further in one library.

Improve your Wi-Fi

Slow WiFi at home? Get advice to solve it for good.

Ensure your backups

Provide backups of all your important data with the best backup systems.

Is your question not listed?

No problem. Feel free to ask.

"I'm so glad that I found Mac help! If I have a question I just call right away."


Mac hulp everywhere.

It does not matter where you live because we just come to you. For small questions we help remotely. If you don't want this or if it is not possible we will come by.

Independent support.

Mac help is in no way connected to Apple and therefore helps you independently with experience but without fuss. With questions regarding warranty of your product we would like to forward you to Apple.

Let us help you.

Tell us your question and we will answer. From Mac problems to Wi-Fi questions, nothing is too crazy for us.

Personal has our preference.

Personal and to the point.

Mac hulp helps clients on a daily basis with their technical questions and issues. Think about freeing up space on the Mac, support with mail-settings or help with improving the security of your current operating-system. We can help you at your home or office space but also remotely. Because we are flexible and independent, we adapt to your needs and we like to think along with you. The frequently heard comment is: I'm trying to solve this problem for days now, but I do not know how. By engaging us you save loads of time that you can spend taking a walk outside or reading a book! Don’t be afraid to contact us. Contact us now by chat, e-mail or by phone.